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Confident Communication

Improve your ability and self-confidence to speak English in a fun atmosphere
Every effort is made to make you feel at ease and overcome any barriers you have to speak English

Online Courses

Courses delivered by video in the convenience of your home or office at times that suit you

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Tailor-made Courses

For individuals and small groups to suit your personal and business needs
For businesses and individuals courses can be delivered face to face in your business premises or via online or telephone sessions

Face to Face Courses

Courses delivered in your workplace in Essonne and the surrounding areas
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I’m an experienced English trainer, having delivered training courses in various sectors such as retail, automotive and engineering and to a wide range of professionals including human resources, finance and management backgrounds.

I am also a student of the French language and like fellow language learners I understand the frustrations and joys that often accompany language learning.

I moved to France about 10 years ago, with the expectation to speak French fluently after 3 months. Much to my dismay this was a little harder said than done. As an anglophone, university graduate and a management professional, it was very difficult to suddenly discover that in France I couldn’t spell or write a cheque! I found going “back to school” a humbling and often confusing experience and that’s why I endeavour to make English courses with me as easy and practical as possible. I ensure that every training session is worthwhile, useful and most of all interesting!

I believe that people learn more easily when they are in a warm, welcoming, non-judgmental environment be it for professional reasons or for pleasure. That’s why whether you have a course by video-conference, telephone or face to face you will find a friendly and encouraging ambiance.

–  Kate


Everyone can learn English especially when it’s fun!

English training for individuals and companies that is enjoyable, useful and tailor-made to suit the needs and learning styles of each trainee. I believe that everyone can learn a new language with a little patience, time, positivity and encouragement. 

I help business professionals and individuals to:

– improve English communication skills, 

– grow conversational confidence and 

– reach personal and business goals 

Certificat de conformité Qualiopi October 2021