I work directly with Human resources and business managers to provide Business English training to suit your business needs, budget and sector. After studying your business needs and objectives I can help you identify the most suitable cost efficient training options for your teams. All courses are tailormade according to your specific business requirements and the needs , learning styles and the availabilities of your employees. The overall objective of every course is to enable business professionals to improve their confidence and ability to deal with business situations in English.

Typically courses fall into 4 categories, individual/ binome courses, small groups or a series of specific workshops or intensive courses. Courses can be delivered Face to Face in Essonne and surrounding areas, and by telephone and video-conference all over France.  (link to article in resources : try video-conference calls it’s not scary!) 

Individual/ binome  courses – a specific number of hours is agreed from as little as 10 to as many as 50 hours, normally on a weekly basis from 1hr – 2hrs depending on the schedule of the trainee. 

Open pdfs example course 10 hours A2 / B1 / B2/ C1 course  Note here who the potential client could be/ objective / expected outcomes OR A short case study of 1 level

Small group courses  – A specific number of hours is agreed, normally from 10 – 50 hours, organized according to the availabilities of the participants. I recommend keeping the groups small to around 5 people maximum and ensuring that all participants in the group have a similar level. This ensures that the group works cohesively, all participants benefit from the topics and  have the opportunity to participate in the course. 

Open pdfs example course 10 hours A2 / B1 / B2/ C1 course  Note here who the potential client could be/ objective / expected outcomes OR A short case study of 1 level

Intensive courses/ specific workshops – 

It is also possible to organize a specific workshop or an intensive course on a particular topic such as  negotiations/ sales / presentations/ TOIEC for either an individual or a small group of participants.

Open pdfs example course 10 hours A2 / B1 / B2/ C1 course  Note here who the potential client could be/ objective / expected outcomes OR A short case study of 1 level

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Whatever your reason for improving your English be it to further your career or to make the most of your trips to English speaking countries, a tailormade course will be designed specifically for you and take into account your preferred  learning styles, needs and objectives. (link to learning preferences article – resources ) 

                                                             (Link to article in resources Learning styles)

The process is typically as follows – a free pre-course assessment is conducted to assess your level and needs. If after the initial discussion you wish to continue with a course, a number of hours and schedule will be agreed and you can then use your CPF to proceed with your training LINK To Financement section, use cheque cesu or finance your course independently  LINKS to financement page.

During your first session SMART objectives for your training and your preferred learning style will be discussed. A tailormade course program will be devised for you. Each course is tailormade with the intention to use a variety of resources and activities in order to help you achieve your potential and increase your conversational confidence according to your particular situation and learning goals. 

Example clients that I work with 

Radya, B1 level is Morrocan national and engineer who has been settled in France for many years, and speaks excellent,. However she wants to improve her English in order to improve her job prospects. She chooses a 30 hour CPF funded training with TOEIC option, over 6 months. The course outline will include extensive work on pronunciation and presentation of her experience and skills/  consolidation of essential grammar in order to present her strong industrial and managerial  experience in an interview and preparation assistance for the TOEIC test.

Laura, a marketing professional with a B1/ B2 level had good days and bad days speaking English, she needed to take the TOEIC exam and get a specific score of 750 in order to achieve an internal promotion. Laura decides to take a 10 hour CPF funded course with TOEIC in order to achieve her goal. Specific vocabulary and grammar activities are done in order to assist her in her learning gaps and assistance and techniques discussed in order to raise her score.

Fabien, A2 level wants to learn English for personal reasons, in order to communicate with his wife’s English speaking relatives  in Canada, and occasionally needs English at work for meetings. Fabien has very low confidence about his ability to communicate in English and often gets blocked when he tries to speak, he can’t remember words. Fabien choose a 50 hour CPF with BRIGHT option program, The course program will contain basic grammar in order to help him speak in the present, past and future quickly, these basic structures will be repeated in order to build conversational confidence and to demonstrate progress. Work will be done on specific areas of conversation and life that are important in everyday life – public transport, food, Likes , dislikes movies, introducing himself etc. 

Pierrick – B2 level, enjoys travel to anglophone countries but doesn’t have the opportunity to practice English and therefore has lost some confidence in terms of his conversational ability. He choose a 20 hr BRIGHT  CPF funded course, to enable him to revise his sentence structures, improve his vocabulary and help him to feel more at ease when speaking English.  

If you would like to increase your confidence like Fabien, or improve your Job prospects like Radya, or simply enjoy speaking English / OR Start improving your English developing your confidence today and contact me for a free assessment and discussion about your training needs  LINK Contact me to reserve your free assessment and discuss how we can work together.  

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