Introducing Ed App – Microlearning and how it can help you

It is widely accepted that linguistic skills are enhanced (amélioré) when students practice the target language regularly. It is better to do a “little but often” (peu mais souvent) rather than trying to revise for  long periods of time. Microlearning is a learning method that  allows (permettre) learners to study at their own pace (rythme) in bitesize (petit)  modules. Microlearning applications give students convenient (pratique) and user-friendly (convivial/ simple)  tools that enable them to learn vocabulary and grammatical structures “off by heart” (par coeur).

There are a multitude of microlearning applications available, according to the specific needs and objectives of learners. I’m delighted to announce that all my students will have access to my Ed app content. The purpose of these microlearning courses is to help students increase their vocabulary and refresh their grammar skills. The library will be updated regularly and already has an interesting mix of subjects from describing the French legal system (système juridique français) to camper vans (camping- cars)!

If you are interested in more information don’t hesitate to contact me.