You can privately finance your course, use the CESU or your CPF account to pay for your  training course.

Use your CPF (Compte personnel de formation)

In order to understand your CPF rights, you must create your digital identity number with La Poste at This number will give you access to France Connect : 

For further information go to                                  France Connect + CPF

If you wish to do your course during working hours you will need to have the agreement of your company. If you wish to do the course outside office hours, you do not need your employer’s agreement and you can submit your training request directly on the CPF site.                                                                                                                All information concerning your CPF can be found at:

You could also ask your employer to co-finance your course.  Your OPCO (Les opérateurs de compétences) can also help finance your training . You can find your  OPCO by looking at the NAF or APE for your company on your payslip and searching online.

To view my offers on the CPF website simply search for “anglais” and “connolly” in nom de l’organisation filter. If you have any queries please contact m

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