Whatever your reasons for improving your English, be it to further your career or to make the most of your trips to English speaking countries, a tailor-made course will be designed specifically for you and take into account your preferred learning styles, needs and objectives. Courses are normally delivered by video conference.

What to expect: Individual courses 

A free pre-course assessment is conducted to assess your level and to discuss your needs and objectives. If after the initial discussion you wish to continue with a course, the number of hours and your  schedule will be agreed. You will be asked to identify your learning objectives and your personalised training program will then be designed and sent to you before the course, along with your training contract. You can then use your CPF (Compte Personnel de Formation) , the cesu service or finance your course independently. 

During your first session your training objectives and your preferred learning style will be discussed. A tailor-made course program is devised for you. Each course is designed to use a variety of resources and activities in order to help you achieve your goals and increase your conversational confidence.   

Training in small groups – Essential English Grammar for successful conversations

Intensive Online Courses starting in May 2022 – Levels A2 – B2 

The objective of this short intensive course is to enable you to use basic English grammar correctly in order to communicate more  efficiently and increase your confidence in professional and personal situations.  The training includes the TOEIC online test and access to the Toeic training platform. The cost of the training is 320€.

The training in small groups (max 4 people) will be held in the evenings and lunchtimes, adapted to office hours. The intensive courses will run two times per week for 5 weeks. 

The training is designed to allow each participant to revise, practise and master different grammar subjects in order to improve your confidence to speak. 

The grammar basics that will be covered in the course are :

The tenses; fundamental to allow trainees to explain situations and actions in the past present and future. 

The conditionals ; to permit the trainees to explain hypothetical and imaginary situations. 

Adjectives,  comparatives and superlatives to enable participants to describe situations, people and company products.

Modal verbs ; to help trainees to understand the function of these important verbs. 

The passive voice ; to allow participants to describe procedures and improve their writing skills. 

For further information about these group courses or to register please contact me. 

*If you have a disablity please contact me on 07 68 14 27 06 in order to discuss possible solutions to adapt your training according to your needs.

Examples of typical clients  

If you would like to increase your confidence like Fabien,  improve your job prospects like Radya, or simply enjoy speaking English , start improving your English and increasing your confidence today and contact me for a free assessment and discussion about your training needs.