Anyone can learn English, especially when it is interesting, fun and useful!

The aim of the training is to improve communication skills and confidence in English, not to speak like Shakespeare!

Whether in individual or group training, face-to-face

 or online, the most important objective of English training is to maximize your speaking time! Although grammar is an important part of language acquisition, you will not be sitting in silence completing exercises and copying endless grammar rules that you will quickly forget, you will be encouraged to use these structures and tenses in conversation as soon as possible. Yes even the present perfect! I give feedback and correction to help you develop your conversational confidence.

A positive atmosphere

I believe that a positive and fun atmosphere helps people learn and is especially important for adult learners, who have a myriad of other important commitments and tasks to complete. That’s why with me you will find a course with a professional but friendly atmosphere in an environment of mutual respect. You will not  feel like you are at school, you will not be tortured by irregular verbs or judged for making mistakes and ‘bad’ pronunciation. You will be encouraged to take control of your learning, achieve your goals and communicate in English.

Tailor-made courses adapted to your needs

Each course is personalized according to your goals and needs and a variety of authentic learning resources and activities are used. This can include role plays, watching and discussing videos or reading business articles. Each session will encourage the trainee to speak, speak and speak some more! The content of the course depends on the level of the trainees, the number of hours and specific learning needs.

A learner-centred approach

At the start of the course, you will set realistic “SMART” goals. I encourage you to identify your learning preferences and discuss what learning methods you enjoy, and what has prevented you from progressing in the past. My objective is to work with you to help you overcome any learning barriers and improve your confidence.

The training programme is designed to suit your learning needs and goals,  and can be adapted as necessary during the course.


Microlearning courses are perfect for English learners  because they can learn at their own pace and they enable students to study a little but often which is the best method for language learners.

At the beginning of the training access to my Ed App content is given to all students. The courses are regularly updated  and include various vocabulary topics which reflect the diverse nature of my client group as well as basic grammar courses.

My ultimate goal is to encourage you and allow you to take control of your own learning so that you can continue to progress independently after the course ends. Having said that, as there are so many resources available to help you learn English, it can seem overwhelming, so I can also  help you to organize your learning strategy and resources.

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