The internet is full of resources that can help you improve your English, however the volume of resources available can sometimes be a little overwhelming. Here are some ideas and websites to help you practice independently and achieve your goals. 

3 tips to help you improve your English and stay motivated:



Immerse yourself as much as possible in English, read or listen to the news in English, if you are searching for something online, search in English, set your GPS, your smartphone, your computer software in English, listen to English radio stations and songs.

Ted Talks is another great resource to gain some inspiration and listen to people all over the globe with many different accents talk about their views, experiences and visions for the world, the talks are normally about 15 minutes and subtitles are available

Another interesting way to develop your listening comprehension and vocabulary is to do an online course or watch a webinar. There are several platforms that offer short training courses which are often delivered  By American and British universities. You can find a wide range of training on professional, academic and personal development topics. The courses are often completely free so it is worth taking a look! 

My Mooc


Khan Academy


Practice makes perfect!

Do a little bit of practice every day, the best option is to incorporate this into your daily routine, so it becomes an unconscious reflex. 

For example watch France 24 in English, when you have your morning coffee. 

Listen to an English podcast on your commute to work or when you are cooking dinner. 

Make a commitment to watch 30 minutes of tv in English Monday to Friday. 

Try one of the many free applications for vocabulary and grammar such as duolingo or Qioz for 5 minutes a day.

Find a conversation partner, you can help someone learn your mother tongue and in exchange you can find a partner to help you practice your English, there are many social network sites available such as Conversation Exchange

BBC 6 minute English is an excellent resource for intermediate learners to increase their vocabulary with 6 min subject based podcasts that  help you learn specific vocabulary on a wide range of topics. 

BBC Learning English and Voice of America also offer an excellent range of other free resources to help you. Websites offering access to the news is a great way to improve your reading and vocabulary skills.

BBC World  


The Independent (UK)

The Guardian (USA)



Do something you enjoy!

Language learning is a long process that takes time, so in order to stay motivated it is vital that you do things that you enjoy!

For example, watch your favourite English or American TV series in English (ideally with English subtitles) 

The internet is a fantastic resource to find videos and podcasts to accommodate all interests. 

Listen to your favourite English band, and learn the song lyrics, various websites exist that will also allow you to translate the songs into your native tongue. 

If you like reading books, you can read in English on your electronic device, the “wordwise” function helps enormously with unknown vocabulary definition and translation. 

You can also find bilingual books that are written in English and French, and with the LibriVox application you can listen to free audio books in English.  Another interesting option is to read books specifically designed for English learners. The collections include English classics and modern fiction and non-fiction and are available in different language levels. 

Penguin English Readers series

Cambridge English Readers series

In addition you can read interesting articles written by yours truly in my blog!

BREF….There are plenty of resources and reasons to start a fun learning journey today!