10 Good habits to improve your English

10 bonnes habitudes pour améliorer votre anglais

Learning a language is difficult, it takes time patience and perseverance.  In order to keep yourself motivated, it is important to adopt a “little bit often” (un peu mais souvent)  approach to language learning.

Here are 10 tips to integrate language learning painlessly (sans douleur) into your life.

Tip 1. The Golden Rule – whatever you choose to do, make sure that you enjoy it! Grammar activities will certainly help you to improve your level. However, if every time you pick up a pen you want to cry (pleurer), perhaps you should do something else.

2.When you are walking the dog, driving to work, doing the household chores (taches ménagères),  taking your children to school or waiting to collect them, listen to a podcast. All music platforms have a wide range of podcasts to choose from. From true crime to science or podcasts specifically for language learners you will surely find something to suit your tastes (selon vos goûts).

3.When you’re drinking your coffee in the morning watch or listen to the news in English, you can choose from the BBC World Service, the radio, CNN or even France 24, which gives the news of France in English.

4.Spend 5 minutes a day on a language learning app. There are many free applications available, some applications allow you to compete with colleagues, friends or even your children. People who take courses with me have access to vocabulary microlearning training via Ed app.

5.Commit to watching English TV with English subtitles at least 2 times per week. There is no excuse not to watch TV shows in English now that you can change the language on TVs and stream via numerous platforms.

6.Nominate one day per week, where everyone speaks English at the dinner table.

7.Make a date to speak English at least once a week with a colleague, family member, friend or conversation partner. Several websites exist (such as Conversation Exchange) where you can find a partner.

8. If you don’t like podcasts, when you do the household chores try to listen to English music and after check the lyrics (paroles) of your favourite songs.

9. Read a book every night, even if it’s one page. Books that are specifically adapted to English learners or digital versions reduce frustration.

10. If you don’t like reading before bedtime, you can try listening to a meditation in English to help you fall asleep

The little and often technique should help you practise and improve your English level in a way that is easy to integrate into your life and is a source of enjoyment rather than pain!